Video your Way to Success

Creating videos for your business used to be an expensive and complicated, in fact most smaller companies would never get involved in this way of marketing. However nowadays it’s changed dramatically with much cheaper equipment costs, you can even shoot a video on your phone.

Although falling costs for equipment were partly a barrier for most people, the biggest hurdle was definitely the knowledge required to actually produce a decent video promoting your business or services. It was complicated and time consuming unless you were very experienced at producing such things, hiring people obviously solved this but increased the expense. However that’s all changed now and there are a host of tools available online that can help you produce a slick online video quickly and easily.

Here’s an example of one such tool which is an online slideshow video maker, from a company called Noble Samurai who produce a host of online tools.

You can see from the demonstration that you need virtually no knowledge of video creation to produce a professional looking video that can be used to promote your business. The software is designed to minimize the creation time and so is ideal for producing a large volume of videos which are usually needed to create a successful YouTube channel.

There are lots of other tools like this which are available both online or as computer software to run on a PC or laptop. Which product you use is probably reliant on the style of videos you want to create, for instance for cartoony style presentations why not have a look at Powtoon.

Video marketing is becoming big business now online, there are so many millions of users who rarely step outside the YouTube interface. You can also promote your videos through paid advertising through Google Adwords which can make commercial sense.

Jenny Hallston
Editor Video Online