Using Video to Promote Your Business

For many years we read about the expansion of the internet, how many more users, sites etc every year. However nowadays the discussion is how we use and access the internet and that’s changing dramatically too. For years Google has been the main entry to the internet if we were looking for something, anything however that’s not the case for many people. Sure you’ll still find Google on millions of homepages but you’ll also find sites like Facebook and Youtube there too, more significantly both these sites have the capacity and technology to provide search results too.

This means that simply obtaining high search engine rankings for your site may not always be enough and you should look at other sites to promote your business online if you want to succeed. One of the obvious targets is YouTube and if you’re already promoting your sites in the SERPS then this is a logical next step. YouTube is owned by Google and it has it’s own search engine built into the site, it also has literally of millions of active users.

To access the YouTube users you obviously need videos which is where many businesses come unstuck. However this doesn’t need to be difficult as there are many places which can help – this video demonstrates video making software online which is very easy to use.

The system demonstrated here is called Content Samurai and is one of many such applications you can find on the internet which enable anyone to produce professional looking videos with no experience or prior knowledge. If you want different types of videos look for companies like Powtoons or Animoto which provide similar services but a different style of videos.

There’s no doubt that YouTube is one of the most important sites on the internet nowadays and it’s actually very business friendly with few restrictions on content. There are a host of video editing tools within YouTube itself if you need to make any adjustments. You can also redirect users to your web site after they’ve watched the video – just look at including annotations in your videos.

Hayley Forrester
Video Online Editor