The True Digital Entrepreneur Doesn’t Need His Own Product

Now I know this realisation won’t suit the Marxists amongst us, but the digital world really does give the unproductive amongst us a real chance at creating wealth. This thought came to my mind after a discussion with a friend who had recently been made redundant. He wanted to look at the online world, had a vague notion of selling stuff but then thought –

“But I haven’t got anything to sell”

Which is what I suspect happens to many people – the thought that they need to create a product to sell online. Now if that’s what you want to do then fine, the internet is perfect for this. But in truth there’s millions of products already available for sale on the internet and a thousands of companies wanting you to sell their product for them – for you to maximise your profits. Take for instance the Amazon web site – you might well get worried about going into competition with such an internet giant – but in reality you don’t have to. In fact you can sign up as as an Amazon associate and sell their products for them – you’ll then get a commission for everything that people buy through your site.


The simple truth is that whatever you’re interested in, then somewhere there will be a company trying to sell that product online. You don’t have to create the product yourself if you don’t want to enter the quagmire of manufacturing – simply sell other peoples stuff for commission. Sure you’ll earn less money but your costs can be negligible – scale up the business and you can make more than the manufacturer themselves without the hassle and risk.

Let me give you an example, imagine you have an interest in say gardening. You love gardening and a specific interest in garden tools and utensils, now it’s obviously very costly to set up a company manufacturing any sort of tool yourself. But why not set up a website about gardening? Then on specific pages you can promote other peoples products- gardening tools and devices that you recommend. Sign up for an affiliate account with a company and then promote their product on your websites. You’ll then get paid for every paying customer you send their way.

The number of markets in which affiliates can promote is almost limitless, in fact promoting stuff that you like is a logical way to start. After all if you’re impressed with a product then recommending it to others is helpful and you can make money too. I work abroad a lot and tend to use products to bypass IP address restrictions – like this, so I can watch British TV abroad. I found a product that allowed you to watch the BBC on a laptop from any country here using a paid VPN service here – it’s a wonderful system and I recommend it whenever I can online. Simply because it’s a product people will love which solves an issue they have. THat’s the wonderful thing about affiliate marketing – you can actively promote the really good products to people and still make money.

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