The Heath of Communications

Fifty years ago, getting in touch with other people any distance away was a far cry from the capability we have today. It usually entailed either by sending a letter in the mail or by using the long distance service of a telephone provider from a call box. Or if you were lucky enough to be able to afford a telephone in your own home, you could call a person long distance via the operator at a premium cost.

Today we can see that communications has advanced by incredible amounts to provide virtually complete coverage in many countries for land-line based and mobile networks. Keeping in touch with others has never been so easy, accessible and affordable as it is now.

Healthy Contact

But what price are we really paying for this incredible level of accessibility with our friends, family and associates in both the business and social worlds that we inhabit? As far as using a land-line based telephone system where the handset is attached to its box of circuitry, there is little or no problem to a person’s health in general (see:

But when we are using hand held mobile devices to make those calls, there are waves of electromagnetic energy that extend beyond the physical handset. These waves are emitted at certain frequencies that could potentially be damaging to our bodies.

Mobile Health Check

The problem was first highlighted well over a decade ago when mobile handsets started to become widespread, but despite the warnings from a number of eminent medical experts, the industry carried on with developing and advancing the technology faster than any opposition could be mustered and set into action.

The upshot is that while the warnings are still being voiced, they are not being heeded. Worse still, they are being ignored by millions of mobile device users who simply don’t see any problem with their communication activities while on the go.

Have We Gone Too Far?

It seems as if we have come too far and opened the bottle that let the genii out, without ever being able to close it again. It also seems as though we have come to the point where we simply can’t put things back to where they can be properly controlled and monitored, because the sheer weight of consumerism will not allow it.

Progress has its price and in the case of the health of users of the communications devices that are everywhere, that price may not appear to be high enough for anyone to want to take any notice of any more. Yet when we hear of rising numbers of illness cases that simply didn’t exist fifty years ago, we have to wonder why this might be.