Some Methods for Reducing your Drinking

There are reports that it’s not the younger generation who are starting to drink too much but their parents and grandparents. Certainly over the years, it’s easy to lose sight of your drinking levels especially when the stresses of jobs and raising children need some release. The problem is that this sector don’t look at risk as you don’t see them fighting on the streets or lying in gutters – just having a few too many in the comfort of their own homes. There is still a risk to your health though if you consume too much alcohol irrespective of the location you drink in!

Even though consuming alcoholic drinks for some may be the highlight of their week, you may be trying to find methods so as to stop drinking booze. Being in a different mental place compared to your family members or peers could make a decision like this challenging. There are ways that you can help you begin the process to stop drinking alcohol. Examining your drinking habits and then working on cutting down slowly or methodically can make the process of stopping smoother and easier on your social life. Quitting drinking is very healthy for your physical, psychological and mental health.

There are some clinical methods to help with this, including some drugs which make the taste of alcohol very unpleasant. IT’s only a short term fix though this method and there’s possibly more hope in a method backed by drugs called The Sinclair Method. This advocates cutting down alcohol using a drug called Nalmefene or Selincro – which you can read about here.

Before you have an alcoholic beverage, whether it is at home along with a meal or out at the pub, drink a big glass of clean water. Staying hydrated is not only a healthy habit to form, but it will also assist in cutting back on booze. Typically people consume alcohol faster or more because they are thirsty, however if you have a big glass of water prior to drinking, you will find yourself drinking much less.

Consider when you drink and what you are actually drinking. A simple method to slowly reduce on alcohol consumption is to merely have a smaller drink. If you normally have a 16 oz. draft beer, choose 12 oz. If you usually have 2 shots on ice, have one shot of alcohol and top it off with water or even soda. If mixed drinks are your choice, use half the alcohol and add a lot more soda or juice.

Using smaller sized glasses also aids in cutting down. It is human nature to fill a glass up all the way and it is certainly difficult to only fill it fifty percent. If you have a smaller glass to begin with, you can still fill it up, but you will be getting less alcohol in the long run. Make sure to take the same amount of time to finish the smaller glass as you do a large drink.

You can also use a lower strength alcohol as a way to stop drinking. Weaning yourself from your typical drinking habits is a fantastic first step in the quitting process. If you normally drink hard liquor, choose a lesser proof or swap to beer or wine. If you usually drink beer or wine, choose one that is lower in alcohol content.

Make certain that you do not increase the quantity of drinks because it is actually lower in alcohol content. If you typically have four cocktails in an evening, do not change to wine and after that have six glasses. The secret here is that you are actually cutting down by reducing the amount of alcohol in your system.

As you continue to reduce on alcohol content, at some point you will definitely cut back on the amount of drinks. You can combine all three by having a large glass of water, drinking from a smaller glass and choosing a lower content beverage.

Staying with your strategy and making use of these ways to stop consuming alcohol will definitely enable you to continue your social life in the course of the beginning stages of your goal. Remain aware of what you are drinking in different situations and respond appropriately.

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