Social Media communication by Vinduer

Are you on any social medias? If not then you most likely have noticed the name mentioned at least once a day from friends, television or on the radio. It has become such a big part of our lives and way of communicating that it’s almost impossible to not get affected by it one way or another. I am PT Vinduer and I am writting this little article to tell you a little bit more about the various social medias we use today. If you are the type of person who spends 10 hours day on your tablet, smartphone or computer, then you most likely know most of this already. Even though it’s becomming smaller and smaller there are still a large group of people who have heard the word social media, but still arn’t sure what it means. At my own company Vinduer Media, we are on a daily basis helping customers use the various online medias to improve their personal profile or their busines. Let’s start out by taking a look at some of the most populars types of SM we use today.

One of the largest social medias today are Facebook with almost 1.5 billion active monthly users. Facebook are used both on a personal level, where individuals are uploading pictures and messages of all types. Commenting other peoples upload and generally just passing time online. Many companies also use FB to interact with their customers, keep them update about new products or various events.

Twitter enables you to writte small status updates. For instance “I just bought a new car, check it out here”, it’s mainly used to known people, such as policians, actors, musicians or sports stars, and the people following their profile. Twitter currently has about 360 million active users.

With about 350 active users LinkedIn is the 3. largest social media today. It’s mainly a business oriented media where you can upload your resume or job opening and many other things related to the business world. It’s more serious than most of the other medias here in this article.

Pinterest is a focued on pictures which they call pins. You can upload various pictures or photo albums and write a small description for it. It’s used both by private people who just want to have an online photo album, by photographers who wants to display their skills, or by some companies to display their products in images.

Google Plus is a bit like facebook, you can upload different messages, reviews, pictures or videos or comment on your friends. Here at Vindues media we ofte have to explain people the difference between Google+ and the search engine google. For a lot of people, Google plus seems a bit off compared to the other SM.

These are just five of the most used social medias, we use to communicate with our friends or the rest of the world. A few other social medias worth mention are Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and If you want to learn more about this types of services, there’s a good article on Hexen about it.

Paul T. Vinduer