Smartphone and tablets replaces books

untitledjpgIf you belong to the population who still enjoy reading a real paper book, then you belong the minority of people today. Statistics show that more and more of us have replaced the traditional book with a digital version, either as an Ebook or as an audio book. But why is it that we are no longer reading real books but instead go for the digital versions? According to Peter Kostumer from Poland-Epp more than 70% of the books being read today, are none paper books. Let’s take a closer look at why this may be.

The reason that there are still some who prefer the old school books, is that they like the feeling of papir between their fingers, and feel that some of the charm with reading, just goes away when reading on a tablet, ebook reader og a smartphone. But Peter Kostumer noticed that, if you let this group of people read on an electronic device for a few weeks they won’t notice the difference any more. Some people also complain that it’s harder on the eyes reading a table or mobilphone compared to a book. For some this is true, but an ebook reader with E-ink will easily solve that problem. But what are the benefits of reading on such a device then, compared to a traditional book?

Benefits of eletronic reading devices
One of the best parts with an electronic reading device such as a tablet, smartphone or ebook reader, is that you can buy a book online and begin to read it,in less than a minut. You don’t have to goto a book shop or the library in order to get the books anymore. This can save you a lot of time. Also the prices of book in a digital version is often lower than the paper books. A lot of people, my self included, likes to look up things i am reading, for instance a word i don’t know, check a wiki for something in the book or just to spend a few minutes away from the book. This is so much easier when you are already sitting with your tablet in your hand. Another interesting thing that Peter Kostumer noticed in his research, was that almost a third of all books now a day, are audio books. It actually turns out that more and more people, wants to listen to the book instead of reading it themselves. But why is that? Mr. Kostumer looked closer into this and has discovered that the 2 largest group of people who prefers to listen to the books are pendlers. People who are driving to work, either by themselves or by public transportation. Here’s it’s often not easy to read it yourself, and you just sit back and listen to the book instead. The other group of audio lovers are people who likes to “multitask”. For instance if you like knitting, then you can sit in your chair and knit, while listening to your book. Eu politics have also started to focus more on eletronic books over paper books.

Alot of students are also starting to enjoy the benefits of tablets. Instead of having to bring 20 books to school every day, you now just have to bring your tablet. As you can see, for a lot of people it have suddenly become so much easier to read and because of this, there are actually more people reading now than it was just 10 years ago.