Dangerous Law Drafted in Burma/Myanmar

It’s not uncommon particularly in countries without a stable democracy, that a law that’s supposed to protect minorities appears to achieve the opposite. One of the newest laws in Myanmar safely comes into that category. It’s supposed to protect religious freedom, but in line with the military government’s earlier laws it actually achieves almost completely… Continue Reading Dangerous Law Drafted in Burma/Myanmar

A New Choice – Digital Employment

Up until the last decade or so, there have been traditional choices when it comes to employment but that has all changed now.  The digital revolution has given many people like me one gift that’s transformed many of our lives.  That is freedom, in years gone by I like many others was tied down to… Continue Reading A New Choice – Digital Employment

New Generation of Smart DNS Services

One of the big drivers behind the expansion of the VPN/Smart DNS market is the increase in use of region locking.  This is the practice where a web site controls what you can access based on your physical location.  It used to be a fairly benign technology mainly used by the search engines to ensure… Continue Reading New Generation of Smart DNS Services

EU’s Digital Single Market

The European Union have a dream to expand the single market to the digital world or the DSM for short. It’s a very laudable goal, despite the success of dropping trade barriers for physical trade doing business in the digital world is pretty complicated at least n any scale. The problem is that in cyberspace… Continue Reading EU’s Digital Single Market

Learning About TCP/IP Protocol

The Network Access Layer contains data link protocols like Ethernet and Token Ring. When IP receives a datagram that’s addressed to the neighborhood host, it has to pass the data part of the datagram to the right Transport Layer protocol. It’s possible to see from this quick overview that IP performs many crucial functions. As… Continue Reading Learning About TCP/IP Protocol

Commercial and Residential IP Address Classification

You might not think it’s important, how a particular IP address is classified and for many years you’d have been largely correct. An IP address is of course essential to take part in the largest network ever known to man – the internet. Without an IP address whatever device you have wouldn’t be able to… Continue Reading Commercial and Residential IP Address Classification

Communication Battles – Blocking the VPNs

There was a hope that the internet would eventually help break down geographical and social barriers, and in some ways it has.  However where you are and who you are still have a huge effect on what you can do or access online.  Many internet entrepreneurs for example have huge difficulties running online businesses from… Continue Reading Communication Battles – Blocking the VPNs