Missing your Football – Try This

Football (or perhaps soccer) is probably one of the most popular sports in the world. However depending on your location, there’s not always the same sort of coverage available that you might enjoy in your home country.

Take for instance the example of a temporary exiled Grimsby Town fan who is spending a year working in Hungary. Thanks to the internet you can find out the results and check out fixtures pretty easily but what about the games? The major TV stations don’t tend to have cameras set up at Blundell Park, although it does happen. There is some coverage from the BBC on TV and through BT’s sponsorship so you can potentially catch up with the highlights over the internet.

Here’s how it’s done –

Your first port of call for accessing live commentary is to check out BBC Local Radio. Most of the larger towns will have their games broadcast live with a decent commentary broadcast over digital and FM frequencies. Obviously the signal won’t quite reach Hungary but they’re also broadcast over the internet – here’s the link to BBC Radio. However access to these is blocked if you’re outside the UK although if you use a VPN like this to hide your location then you should be ok.

The reality is that if you spend anytime abroad then investing in a flexible VPN is definitely worth considering. It allows you to change your digital location as required. So instead of connecting and being shown lots of Hungarian content, you can switch your location to your home country. In my instance I can connect to a UK VPN server and then all my internet browsing will be UK based.

What’s more all the BBC and UK TV sites will be accessible instead of being blocked when I connect directly from Hungary. So the local radio commentaries work, and that prize for all football fans is accessible – the BBC’s Premiership Football show. I’m talking of course about being able to watch Match of the Day online over the internet.

The programme is available online live although you’ll have to remember about time differences from wherever you are. After it’s broadcast the show is not available directly on the BBC iPlayer archive like most content. Match of the Day actually appears 24 hours later the following day and stays on the archive until the next Match of the day is broadcast. This can sometimes only be a few days if there’s a cup or midweek match scheduled so it’s worth watching as soon as you can.

For any sports fan travelling then a VPN can be a life saver whether it’s US American Football, UK soccer or any other sport that’s broadcast online. Just ensure that any VPN you connect to is in the right country and you should be able to access without any problems at all.

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