Logitech Squeezebox Radio Archive Review

Logitech Squeezebox Radio Review

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio music player offers a surprisingly large set of features in a small package that is ideal for moving your music around the house. This wifi radio allows music lovers to listen to an infinite supply of their favorite music, news and sports from stations all over the world.

With its cool looks and color screen, you get simple, easy-to-use access music via the WIFI receiver in a small bodied, full-range stereo box, and all without turning on your computer. And if you are hooked to Facebook (who isn’t!), you can share music recommendations on the full color Squeezebox screen.

There are however similar devices which can go a step further and actually allow full blown multimedia to be streamed on their screens.  It’s a tempting thought that you can even stream the ITV Hub abroad onto such devices if you  can access the newtork configuration settings to apply a proxy or Smart DNS setting.


Big Sound, Small Package

An integrated subwoofer and high def tweeter provide deep lows and glass-breaking highs to accompany rich clean mids. You will be amazed at the sound you get from this 2010 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award Winner. This little guy is super-powerful. It will not replace your home theater system, but it makes a room full of sound from literally thousands of available internet stations and music services.

Connect your iPod or MP3 Player

And, if you want to enjoy your iPod or other mp3 music library, just plug it into the aux in jack and you are listening in seconds. This makes it easy to move the compact 9 inch wide x 5 inch tall x 4.5 inch deep radio anywhere and listen to your personal music library in full rich sound. There is no limits here. The tweeter and subwoofer really do supply strong, clear sound that can fill a large room.

No Setup – Turn it on and Your in Business

But what I really like the most is the setup. There isn’t any! Out of the box, turn it on and it finds your home WIFI network, and you are up and running. That is it! Just plug it into any AC jack and you have access to the internet as long as you are in your WIFI zone. As long as you have a WIFI signal available, you have access to an almost unlimited supply of music and audio files and podcasts and broadcasts. Any and every station on the Internet, all podcasts, online music services and FM and AM stations that are online are yours to enjoy in rich, crystal clear sound.

The auto-dimming feature on the display is neat for those who do not like bright displays while they sleep. As the room light dims, so does the display. It is still plenty bright to see and operate, but not overly so. What is great for shift workers or those with varying work schedules, the 7 day alarm timer gives you the versatility to set 7 different alarm times on 7 different stations for each day of the week.

You can also add an optional “line of sight” infrared remote if you want maximum ease of use. My only complaints are the lack of backlit buttons for low light use, and the polished black finish which is a fingerprint magnet. But considering those are really the only negatives, this Amazon favorite that has received a 4 out of 5 star rating from previous customers is a great performer.

What one customer has to say:
By Val De La Guardia… This product has gone beyond expectations. The connection to the wireless network went flawlessly as well as the connection to my PC. The sound for such a small unit is really amazing. The features and ease of use are also a breeze. If I had to find something not perfect with this unit, is the fact that is not stereo in the main speaker, however, if you want stereo you can always use headphones which is the application I really wanted it for. I recommend this radio without reservations and hope one day I can even stream TV onto it – can you imagine it watching UK TV abroad on one.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio – Should I Buy One?

This is a cool unit and from personal experience owning one of these beauties, I can highly recommend it. At less than $150, this portable internet radio offers a great feature set in a package that looks great and can be moved around the house with ease. Need music outside for a barbeque, this unit’s got it covered. The sound is rich and clear, the size makes it deceptively small and portable, and the list of features make the Logitech Squeezebox Radio Internet Radio a thumbs up choice for portable sound shoppers. If you are looking to buy a Wifi Internet Radio, the Logitech Squeezebox has to be on your shortlist.

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