Learning German, Handy Tips to Get You Started

Learning German is a good goal to have, but if you’ve never tried learning a new language before, trying to figure out just how to do it can be difficult. Some people find that learning on their own is best. Then there are those who find the classroom atmosphere the ideal learning environment. Then there are those who would rather repeat the language or immerse themselves with others who speak the language. You’ll discover that there are many methods of learning foreign languages. Figuring out which way is best for you to learn a new language often takes some trial and error. Use these tips to help you get started.


The only way to learn German and other languages effectively is to be completely open to the language you’re learning about. It’s simple to say that you want to learn German, but then you can’t keep away from things about German that aren’t the same as your native language. Most people have a hard time learning new languages because they try transforming the new language into the language they’re used to. Every language has rules of its own. This is the primary reason why most people find learning a language so hard. It’s important to them for things to match. When you see learning German as a lot more than just learning the new vocabulary words, then you’ll find learning the language much easier. Take a class or two!

There is a reason why many people take classes to learn a new language. Practiced teachers have learned that the best way to learn a new language is to take things a little bit at a time. Their classes will take on different facets of your new language in a specific order because they know that that is the best way to learn. When you work in a classroom, you have the benefit of working directly with the teacher who can make sure you are learning German the correct way without picking up any bad habits. Some students find that classroom learning is more relaxing because it helps to be learning with other people who are trying to learn the same things that you are. Not only that, but you will be able to use your new German abilities in front of your fellow classmates and nobody will ever get offended or mad.

Watching TV or films in German is a great way to help develop your language skills and  the internet can be a great help here.  Perhaps invest in a subscription to a German proxy, this can allow you to access German TV stations online which are normally blocked.  Watching a movie either in German or even English with German subtitles can be a real help and rapidly improve your vocabulary.

Try to think German with your thoughts. Whenever you think of something in your native language, try to repeat those words in your head with German. This will help you get into the habit of using German in your brain. Being able to think in German is the best way to ensure that you can communicate effectively in it. When you are able to figure out what someone is saying to you instantly, you’ll have a much easier time as you won’t need translators and you certainly won’t have to try to decipher what was said, and risk being wrong.

There are so many different methods for learning German. It can be difficult to figure out which method you should choose for yourself. You might have to try out a few different methods before you find the method that works best for you. ?

Written by Gert Klinsmann of  IP Anonymizer.