Need Some Sun – Just Work in Spain

If you’re fed up with  your job, want to live somewhere a little bit sunnier – then working in Spain might sound quite appealing.  The summer sun, warm winters and relaxing lifestyle might seem like a dream but an unattainable one.   So what’s the chance of switching your current working situation to a warmer one!

The first problem people think about is language.   After all if you’re working in a specific role and don’t speak Spanish it’s difficult to see how you can just turn up at a Barcelona job center and just find a new job.  But it’s not always the case, firstly sometimes there are lots of jobs for big multinationals where the native language is not so important, in fact often a native English speaker is often the prime requisite.

But there is another option, where we work is usually dictated by what we do, if language is important then obviously the location is limited.  But the internet is global and to a certain extent if you build a business online it doesn’t matter where you live.  Obviously there are some professions that are more suited to remote working, an accountant can work from pretty much anywhere, for a shop assistant it’s not so easy.

SO I’m not going to turn this into a lecture, I want to highlight an option that perhaps you haven’t considered – I’ll do it with a brief story.  My friend was working very hard in a job he didn’t like, it was physical so got harder the older he got and took up most of his time.  He also loved Spain, not sure why he loved it so much, although the warmth had a lot to do with it. He yearned to live there, but wasn’t rich enough to retire, his job wasn’t transferable and was unlikely to master the Spanish language any time in the future.

So here’s what happened, on one trip to Marbella he was trying to get access to the BBC to watch match of the day on his computer.  He discovered it was blocked and started searching for a solution – of course this is the internet so one was easily found here in this page – which shows how to change your IP address to a UK one. But the search resulted in some more knowledge, that you could actually make a living out of selling stuff on the internet.  Which suddenly struck a chord with my friend who for years had been writing and maintaining a web site about fishing his other passion.

This was his solution, his hobby was the answer, the fishing site got thousands of visitors a week.   Everyone of these visitors was a potential customer who was happy to buy fishing stuff from this site. A few well placed adverts, nothing too pushy suddenly he had an income from a hobby he loved.  Better still when he moved to Spain on the basis of this income he had a whole bunch of new stuff to put on his site -all about Spanish fishing.

Here’s another example – Watch Hulu Outside US