Harness the Power of Videos for Internet Marketers

Sometimes new tactics and approaches hit the world of online businesses as the next ‘sure thing’, only to fade from view a few months later. However the power of utilising video and multimedia in your marketing efforts has stood the test of time, if you’re not using it then you’re missing out.

More online marketers today than ever before are recognizing the power of video marketing. Not long ago, it was fairly cutting edge to use videos to market your business; now it’s practically mandatory. Videos often serve the purpose of sales pages, or may accompany a sales page to give people another medium to absorb the information. Of course, there are some videos that are better than others. With so many videos floating around the web, how do you make ones that get noticed? Keep reading this article to find out!


If you have a logo you should definitely include it in all of your videos -if you don’t, you should consider creating one. Don’t make it too small, but prominent enough that viewers will notice it. This helps people remember who you are and turns your video into a branding opportunity as well as an opportunity to educate people on what it is that you want them to know. While you want the logo to be very visible, it shouldn’t get in the way of whatever you’re trying to convey in your video. Simple video editing tools will let you insert the image and make sure that it looks good before you actually publish your video like this one entitled watch TV3 online.

Since you want people to visit your site, you must include an URL with your videos. You have several options for this. It’s best if you can insert a clickable link in the video itself. Having the URL visible at the bottom of the screen throughout the video is also effective. Aside from this, make sure you include your link in the video description area. Anytime you can make an URL clickable, you should do so. It’s also best to use anchor text with the name of your site when you can. You want to make your website URL familiar to viewers, which is also why you should pick your domain name carefully.

Use your videos as visual and audio case studies. There is no need to put yourself in every video that you do. One thing you can do is get people that have purchased your products or services to do audio or video testimonials. Once they do the videos for you, you simply need to upload them with the proper tags and descriptions. It is a good idea to also make longer videos which go into great detail on what you have to offer. Case study videos are great but make sure you don’t go over your maximum time allotment or you run the risk of having your videos getting cut off prematurely. Internet users have come to expect videos, no matter what kind of material or information they may be seeking. It’s so commonplace these days that not having at least one video about yourself is seen as weird in Internet Marketing circles. Making great videos involves a number of elements, none of which can be overlooked. You’ll find that the guidelines we’ve shared in this article can help you gain more viewers for your videos in a short time.

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