How to Run an Effective Telemarketing Campaign

Telemarketing is normally outsourced to the experts, because of it’s apparent difficulty. However if you’re on a budget it is perfectly possible to conduct an effective telemarketing campaign yourself or by using in-house staff if they are willing to help.


Marketing to consumers, and doing B2B telemarketing are very different types of marketing. Getting past the gatekeeper is the first challenge that you have to face. Essentially, whoever you want to speak to, the gatekeeper is the first person you must talk to to get to them. Calling businesses usually means you want to talk with the decision maker. What make the difference is the message – a well-crafted message will always be better received.

It is always a good idea to relax before making any B2B telemarketing calls. That’s how it works. There will be no need to hide your stress if you relax. If you try, people will definitely detected it. Whoever you are speaking with, they will definitely detect the detention that you feel. Your responses to people will be different. They will notice an audible change in your voice. If you feel this way, you will not respond with a positive or confident voice. You need to be upbeat and positive, breathing slowly and thinking about what it is you’re doing. It’s all about talking and smiling, just like you are talking to a friend, over the phone.

Obviously how you approach potential customers will vary greatly depending on the market,  selling streaming UK TV services won’t be the same as promoting high end wine or telephone sales for example.  Think carefully about your approach before you start and adapt your approach to the market involved.

Lots of telemarketers debate whether it’s worth using a script during calls or not. Some people recommend them while others do not and both sides have good arguments. Obviously, you do not want to come across sounding like you memorized a script. Usually, people sound a bit stiff and robotic when they are repeating from rote memorization. Set out a script but then maybe follow it only so far as the important points and ad lib the rest. Another positive option is to consider what possible responses you might receive and plan some responses.

Whatever you call, using a professional script is a good choice to make. But what you should also do is write more than one and then test them out. You may find that one tends to work better than the other. If so, then use that one and write another one and continue testing. By finding out what converts, you can fine-tune this process and approach. When you are testing like this, be sure to give them a chance to reveal which one really is better. This should be done over 10 to 20 scripts. This will allow you to find out which ones are converting. The only way you’ll see if they script works is to actually use it for longer than two weeks giving it adequate time. Remember that all types of marketing such as B2B will require dealing with the same people over and over again. When dealing with email or written kinds of contact, it will require trying to reach your contacts a minimum of 6 to 7 times. This is the same for telemarketing, so learn to deal with the process.

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