Communication in 2015

kostumerThe way we communicate have changed quite a bit over the last 20 years or so. 20 years ago it wasn’t uncommon that you wrote a letter to someone, if you wanted them to know how you were doing and what was going on. If you were a modern person, you might even write that letter on a computer instead of by hand or on a typewritter. Sometimes you would even grab the telephone and call a person you wanted to communicate with, but if that person lived a bit away from you, this could easily become quite expensive, especially if the person lived in another country.

A few years later, we got two new types of communicate methods. The first one was Email. As more and more people (especially younger people), came online, it now became possible to instantly send them a letter through email and it quickly became one of the most popular ways to communicate. Later it became possible to attached elements to your email. For instance that funny pictures of a cat in a halloween kostume, or a video of your sons birthsday party. It’s still one of the most used communication forms and that probably won’t change much, for the next several years either.

The other new type of communicate we got around that time was the short message system (or sms for short). You could now use the numbers on your mobile telephone to write a short text message to someone and over the next years, it became one of the most used types of communication in the world. It was fast, easy to use and you could reach almost anyone instantly by using it.

But how do we communicate today then? Actually a lot of our communication have been moved to the social medias. You no longer write someone you haven’t had any contact with in a while, telling them how you are doing. They can just look at your facebook profile, and see your daily status updates. Your friends comments on your text or image posts, or even use thhe personal message systems in the social medias, instead of sending an email or text message by phone. Recent analysis indicates that about 23% of today’s communication have been moved to the social medias. This number is very likely to raise a little more over the next few years. We still use emails, but mainly at work, we still use sms messages, but not quite as often as we used to. Some people even still use the telephone to talk to their friends or family, but this number has decreased quite a bit over the last 10 years. Even in the business industri this is changing. A lot more business, such as Nyt tag, have moved on to the social medias in order to stay in touch with their costumers, and reach them with new products and various updates in a fast and cheap way.

As you can see the way we communicate with others, isn’t something stabile, it’s a changing process like many other things in the world. While it might be hard for us to image how we will be communicating in 20 years from now, one thing is certain. It will be quite different from how we do it today.

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