Communicate with your customers

untitledFor some companies, the act of communicating with their costumers comes naturally. For others it’s non existant or a process that needs to be learned. Having a good communicating with your customer is one of the most important aspect of running a company. I talked to Lars Briketter From DC Supply, a company selling a container solution to their customers, and he is certain that they wouldn’t be among the leading companies in their niche, if not for having a great communicating team. But why is this so big a thing?

People likes to be informed, especially if you buy something online, it’s important to send the customer informaiton about what he just bought, when the product is shipped, and then a follow up to see if the customer is satisfied with the product or service he recieved. All of this helps to build a good relationship with your customers and makes them more satisfied with their buy. And we all know that when a customer feels he got a good service and is satisfied, chance are they will return and buy at your shop, the next time he needs something you sell.
So being good at communicating with your customers will often lead to increased sales in the long run. Something that DC Supply noticed themself, when they launched their new product Pavillon, a special container solution. Having a large database of existing costumers, tons of Facebook and Twitter followers ensured that most of their customers, was informed about this new product. And within a few months they had already sold a lot of their Pavillon solutions. All of this because they were good at communicating the information to their customers.

So if being good at getting information out to your customers, can lead to more sales, what happens if you don’t know how to communicate with your customers? Well let’s take an example from my own life. 2 weeks ago I bought an item from a webshop I haven’t used before. I paid online and got a mail confirming my buy. The website advertised with day to day delivery. 4 days later I still haven’t gotten my package. So I wrote the shop asking why I haven’t recieved anything from them yet. 3 days later I got a reply, that they had made a mistake, and my item was no longer in stock, and it would take 3 more days before they got it. They least they could do when they noticed the mistake, was send me a mail telling me about the delay. Or at least answer the email within 24 hours instead of letting me wait for 3 days. Because of that I gave them a bad review on trustpilot.

Alot of companies end up getting bad reviews, on the various review sites, mainly due to poor customer communication. Most of these poor review cases, could easily have been solved if the company, had been better at keeping their customers informed, being fast at replying to emails and such small things. Many people still check these kind of review sites before making a buy. If they find to many bad reviews, they will most likely buy somewhere else. So basically you may say that, if a company don’t know how to communicate with customers, then it can also lead to fewer sales, just like being great at it, can lead to more.

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