Fostering Healthy Communication in Your Relationship

Clear and healthy communication is a vital component in any healthy relationship. The inability to foster healthy communication will quickly lead to a negative, and possibly hostile, relationship. These tips are geared towards couples facing run of the mill communication issues. If your relationship is emotionally or physically abusive, please seek professional help. Timing is… Continue Reading Fostering Healthy Communication in Your Relationship

Connecting Families with Games

In this day and age of personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, personal entertainment has reached ever greater heights of disconnection from others. Families are drifting further apart for each member now having in their possession the apparatus to self entertain, meaning less time is spent together simply because there seems little or no… Continue Reading Connecting Families with Games

Employees Using Social Media

If you look at the various internet usage polices in American companies, you’ll find that approximately 50% of them ban workers from social networking sites.  So no Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn whilst you are working please.  However if you look at the most highly rated, best companies to work for in the US then just… Continue Reading Employees Using Social Media

The Heath of Communications

Fifty years ago, getting in touch with other people any distance away was a far cry from the capability we have today. It usually entailed either by sending a letter in the mail or by using the long distance service of a telephone provider from a call box. Or if you were lucky enough to… Continue Reading The Heath of Communications

Communicating in a foreign country

There is an old joke about English people communicating in a foreign country: the joke goes that they don’t use any foreign words, they simply talk slowly and shout. There is a certain amount of truth in this piece of observational humor. The British are poor at learning different languages. Indeed all English speaking countries… Continue Reading Communicating in a foreign country