Common Computer Attacks – DDOS

There is one type of attack that’s becoming much more prevalent on the internet and that’s the Distributed denial of service or DDOS attack. This particular form of attack was relatively scarce until a few years ago, probably because it was seen as difficult to profit from. There are several reasons why that has changed… Continue Reading Common Computer Attacks – DDOS

Using Incident Management Tools

If you visit any helpdesk, big or small, they’re will always be lots of calls logged in their help desk system. Whether it’s specialist software or simply a large spreadsheet, it’s amazing how quickly these fill up even in a relatively small network. The problem is handling these incidents effectively can be quite a time… Continue Reading Using Incident Management Tools

Missing your Football – Try This

Football (or perhaps soccer) is probably one of the most popular sports in the world. However depending on your location, there’s not always the same sort of coverage available that you might enjoy in your home country. Take for instance the example of a temporary exiled Grimsby Town fan who is spending a year working… Continue Reading Missing your Football – Try This

The Importance Of Employee Communication

The significance of simply connecting with employees should not be understated. Look at any company like this and you can see the benefits when good, quality communication happens – it prevents misunderstandings, miscommunication and conflict. Misunderstanding what’s being said in the office may cause task frustration and stress. The main point? Communicating clearly is a… Continue Reading The Importance Of Employee Communication

The School of Communication

One of the keys to success in business and in life is good communication. There is a large gap between the meaning we intend and the meaning that the listener understands. It is a gap that has perplexed linguists, writers, artists and philosophers from the time of Socrates. In our daily lives we often find… Continue Reading The School of Communication

Language is a Barrier to Immigrants

If there’s one thing that will seriously stop the integration of migrants it’s a language barrier. Not only will it isolate a family or individual but will seriously hamper things like employment and education. All of these are essential for a migrant to start to become a valuable member of a community. Imagine the difficulties,… Continue Reading Language is a Barrier to Immigrants

Online vs Offline Encyclopedias

There is an enormous leap in the amount of investigation which is being carried out through pupils, lecturers, and researchers. Even though their task has increased, there is still more business which sometimes choose never to utilize online sources, or perhaps don’t know just how to use it. There’s also a huge number of individuals,… Continue Reading Online vs Offline Encyclopedias

Business Communication Skills and Methods

Communicating is an absolute must if you want to genuinely succeed in both business and as a person. Throughout the world – both online and the physical, fantastic communication is vital for that daily performance of the business. There’s no doubt that lack of communication with your customers or peers will have an effect on… Continue Reading Business Communication Skills and Methods

Positive Benefits of Video Gaming

For adults it’s often difficult to imagine that spending hours in front of a computer screen can have many benefits for our children. However parents despairing in the amount of time their child spends playing video games should take heart, as new research suggests it may stand them in good stead later in life. Gaming… Continue Reading Positive Benefits of Video Gaming

The True Digital Entrepreneur Doesn’t Need His Own Product

Now I know this realisation won’t suit the Marxists amongst us, but the digital world really does give the unproductive amongst us a real chance at creating wealth. This thought came to my mind after a discussion with a friend who had recently been made redundant. He wanted to look at the online world, had… Continue Reading The True Digital Entrepreneur Doesn’t Need His Own Product