Case: Prisertagsten – The handyman

Read more about the work of a handymanIt’s time for a new case here at, this time about a local handyman and his company prisertagsten. Another success story of a small company taking the step from a small one person local company, to getting a lot of new customers online. Let’s start out by taking a look at what kind of busines Prisertagsten – the Handyman really is, and go through the steps he took by expanding his company from a one person local business, to have a few employees and providing his server to many more customers.

Background of prisertagsten

As mentioned earlier, the company Prisertagsten is run by Sten, a local handyman doing all types of carpenter, plumming and minor construction tasks, such as installing a new kitchen, renovating a carport, putting up a nyt tag, fixing up the pool etc. He has been doing this type of work for the last 15 years and a small base of loyal regular customers, who often uses his services. But this customer base it to small for Sten to get a nice salery every month, so he has to drive around and do various types of advertising, like putting up notes, offeringer special discounts and asking other companies if they need any help.

The Handyman

A few months ago, I need a carpenter to help fix my broken garage, and I hired the handyman Sten for the job. He did a great job and we ended up talking about marketing doing his work. We put together a small strategy of how we could get the service of Prisertag out to more people, and expand the handyman’s area of work. You can see more about the work of a handyman here.

Going from local to online

The first thing we did, was to take his 5 year old website and freshen it up with a modern design, add some more content, like describing what kind of jobs he did and how much it would cost to hire him. After that we setup an Adwords campaign, targeting the local area and a 50 mile radius. We also had a few of his old customers post a review about his work, so that others could see what a great service he offered.

Expanding the business

Already on the second day, he started getting more work, several customers had called or emailed him about some tasks and after a week, he asked me to put the adwords on pause, since he had more work than he could handle alone. I suggested that instead of saying no to work, he should at least considering bring in some temporary extra employees for Priser Tagsten. A few days later he had hired to unemployeed carpenters and then things started to speed up. Now almost a year later, he has 3 people working for him full time, and the business is going really well. Not only does he still have this local customer base, but also customers in many of the other cities near his own, such as Aalborg or Sæby. Sten the Handyman and his business PriserTagsten is now doing really well, and a lot of this success is due to him taking the step from a small one person local business, to an online business.

So as you can see, ofte it’s a good idea to not only focus on the area right next door, but look a bit further and see if you can offer your products or services to more people. In case it’s more work than you can handle, then it could consider hiring more people to help you out, and thereby growing your business.