halloweenGastroausstattung is a new blog about food. They started there blog this year and have since been trying out some different designs. Let’s take a look in this case, about what they did to get more costumers and how they are using their website and the social medias to communicate with their customers.
As a brand new site, nobody knew about them and they had to start from a scratch, so how do you go from nowhere to around 500 visitors a day? Without having to pay for traffic or a lot of paid advertising. Writing about a lot of interesting topics is a good way to get people to return, at they write about various food related topics, such as what is sous vide, create the perfect Halloween cake, which restaurants to visit in the big cities etc. This is a good way to get visitors to return to your website, at least if you update it on a regular basis with useful articles. But how to get them to visit in the first place.. let’s take a look at some of the tools they used.

Social Media
The social medias played a huge role in launching Gastroausstattung, they had a lot of their friends share their new site on Facebook, mention it on Twitter, and they are uploading a lot of fancy food images on Instagram, with text such as see the recipe here at this website… In order to get the most out of the social media’s you have to put a regular effort into it, you can’t just start a campaign, work on it for a week or two and then think, that’s it, now I am done. Using the social medias to boost your traffic requires continual work.

Email marketing
Having a few friends in a related niche, with a big list of newsletter subscribers also helps a lot. Especially if you can get them to mention your brand new blog in their newsletter. For instance a guy selling organic mean, may mention a site like Gastroausstattung like, now that you just bought all this great meat, you can find some good food recipes here.

These are just two ways of getting some more traffic for free. If you have a little bit of money with you, you can set up various types of paid banner campaigns, Google Adwords, Facebook ads and much more. But getting the people to visit your site is just the first step, the hard part is keeping them on your site long enough for them to notice that you actually offers something useful, and then again to make them come back at a later point.