Business Advantages of Social Media

If you really try hard and have the right knowledge, then it’s possible to take your business to all new heights with social media marketing. So what you have to do now is figure out the strategy that is best for you, and a big hint is to avoid trying to make the direct sale at any social media website. It can be confusing and there are tons of businesses who appear to have never figured it out. The new rules for using social media are the old marketing rules in new clothes, so that will help you out.


Do not forget that your buyers and contacts are out to keep themselves healthy and happy. And your potential customers will be able to tell this by how you engage them and execute your marketing. The goal is to find a way to make your business more helpful and useful to them because you are serving them, not the other way around. Create a marketing funnel and thing put the customer or prospect in the center and make the world revolve around him or her. Don’t ever discount the impact that one person can have on another, and particularly on the Internet, every single person has the ability to influence hundreds of other people. Like I always say, just stay positive and remember that it’s just one person’s opinion. In time, people will respect you even more for how well you handle trolls and other negative types of people. Those friends each tell two friends and so on and so forth, and before you know it, that one buyer has built up a steady income stream for you and all because you gave them a good experience buying from you.

It helps expand your potential customer base exponentially, to countries and demographics that you may not even have considered.  Although the internet is global, sometimes we can get isolated into our own specific mini-internet.  This is partly to do with how the web is increasing being filtered and manipulated by sites themselves and the search engines.  I even had to use a smart DNS service in order to watch the BBC the other day while on a short break – the reason?  Well the web site like so many is restricted based on your physical location, it’s a serious concern.

Sometimes it’s very difficult when you are making a deliberate effort to make someone laugh and be humorous. One of the keys to make this work is to relax and just be yourself, just like you were talking to a friend. You can laugh at almost anything, but remember that you want to avoid certain topics only because you’re not Lenny Bruce and really don’t want to offend people. And another thing about being funny is you really don’t want to try and do it all the time because if you’re not funny than that can backfire on you.

There are so many developments happening every day in social media and networking, it is hard to figure out what the rules of the moment are. What you do in your marketing has to be learned and base on what is considered current knowledge. Avoid getting too stressed about what happens and do what is natural and expected.

John Hether

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