Being Able to Do It!

What is this ability that some people seem to have that enables them to get on and do things that most of us just never seem to be able to achieve? On the surface of it as we often hear about in the media such as TV, radio and the news, the people who are the real achievers in this life do not seem to be any different from the rest of us.

Yet there must be something that separates the go getters from the go sitters who sit around all day dreaming of achieving something but never quite getting things in motion.

There is actually no great secret to any of it. In fact, when you have a task to perform and you really belief in yourself, then the amazing becomes the norm and you wonder why you ever thought it would be difficult. Achieving anything is all about your inner belief that you can do it.

It is said that there are two ways we can look at a problem. One is with an attitude of “I can’t do it” and the other is the attitude of “I can do it”. The funny thing is that either way, you are right!

If that sounds like the kind of double talk you hear a lot of on the TV (, it isn’t really. What that is saying is that you can believe that you cannot do a thing and there is no way that you will ever do it, until you change that attitude to one that you can do the thing and you will invariably succeed in doing it. It is all down to the inner conversation that we are constantly having with ourselves.

When we perpetually remind ourselves that a task is beyond our capabilities and is best left to someone with the greater ability to complete, then we are literally defeating ourselves with our own inner conception of what we really are capable of. Yet the opposite is also true in that when we constantly remind ourselves that a certain task is within our capabilities, we seem to gain the necessary abilities to perform it.

It is all about belief and when we believe we can do a thing, we are invariably able to do it. Do you think that if the Wright Brothers did not believe they could create a machine that could enable a man to fly, that they would ever have gotten off the ground? It’s highly unlikely.

They believed they could do it and they did it. You can do the same for whatever task is before you.