A New Choice – Digital Employment

Up until the last decade or so, there have been traditional choices when it comes to employment but that has all changed now.  The digital revolution has given many people like me one gift that’s transformed many of our lives.  That is freedom, in years gone by I like many others was tied down to the daily commute, a nine to five job and a measly allocation of holidays.  Of course there were options, but self employment was in many ways restricted to those who had a trade or wanted to set up in business.  Now the digital age has brought many more options of employment for each and everyone of us.


There are of course the practical advantages of the internet – where we can teleconference over the net, work from home, emails and remote management.   Indeed these have given many people much more flexibility in their working lives, millions of people now work from home on a regular basis. The costs saved can be quite substantial on both sides, travel costs are obviously reduced but from the employers perspective the need for expensive office space is reduced too.

The home office and remote working concepts are nothing unusual anymore and both sides have embraced the advantages.

However the digital revolution has brought us much more, the ability to become self employed has become  much easier. The world wide web is the biggest communication network ever seen, but it is also the biggest marketplace.  All across the planet millions of people make their living completely online.  Through internet marketing, ebay shops, writers and a host of other occupations the world of self employment now needs only a computer and internet connection.  The great advantage is that employment possibilities are opened up to people who previously weren’t able to work or support themselves properly.  Parents can now look after their kids whilst running a successful web based business.

So what is needed to take your stake in this new digital world.  Well in truth the possibilities are virtually endless any interests or skills are a potential source of income.  If you like writing a successful blog in even the most obscure subject can become very profitable in the global context of the internet.  There are some tools you’ll need of course, a computer and an internet connection are pretty essential.

If you’re going to be targeting a global market then you should get access to a few proxies or VPNs to add the ability to change your IP address. This example the VPN is used to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland but it works for a multitude of situations too including many you’ll need for online marketing.

It’s one of the tools that is in my opinion a necessity if you’re going to work online. If you’re going to travel and work at the same time, then it becomes even more essential. The problem is that if you use random, unsecure networks it’s very dangerous to access any money sensitive sites like Paypal, bank accounts and such, unfortunately you have to do this to run an online business. There is another video on this page entitled Can I Get BBC iPlayer in Spain which shows you how to use a  program to further protect your connection and change your network address at will.

Many people start their online careers in their spare time, it’s certainly less risky than quitting your day job. However it’s important to make a serious attempt, the majority who try and succeed in some online venture and give up after a few weeks is staggering.