Online Security Tools – VPN Software

Most of us use the web with an expectancy that the majority of our activity is pretty much confidential. ¬†However the reality is actually a long way from the truth, much of what we do online is pretty much open to anyone who wants to eavesdrop. ¬† The main issue is that there is little… Continue Reading Online Security Tools – VPN Software

Common Computer Attacks – DDOS

There is one type of attack that’s becoming much more prevalent on the internet and that’s the Distributed denial of service or DDOS attack. This particular form of attack was relatively scarce until a few years ago, probably because it was seen as difficult to profit from. There are several reasons why that has changed… Continue Reading Common Computer Attacks – DDOS

Using Incident Management Tools

If you visit any helpdesk, big or small, they’re will always be lots of calls logged in their help desk system. Whether it’s specialist software or simply a large spreadsheet, it’s amazing how quickly these fill up even in a relatively small network. The problem is handling these incidents effectively can be quite a time… Continue Reading Using Incident Management Tools

Musings on the Password Problem

Do you ever think it’s surprising that we’re still using passwords and PINs for so many important parts of our lives. After all everything from paying bills, email, banking to applying for stuff online seems to need a password. The human brain is really suitable for coping with so many possibilities, although perhaps I should… Continue Reading Musings on the Password Problem

Some Methods for Reducing your Drinking

There are reports that it’s not the younger generation who are starting to drink too much but their parents and grandparents. Certainly over the years, it’s easy to lose sight of your drinking levels especially when the stresses of jobs and raising children need some release. The problem is that this sector don’t look at… Continue Reading Some Methods for Reducing your Drinking