Turkey Embraces the Internet

Although Turkey is often in the news for the wrong reasons about the internet with tales of censroship, filtering and arrests.  There is no doubt  that it is one of the countries which has embraced the web and modern communication in all forms.  In fact there are a huge number of online business running in… Continue Reading Turkey Embraces the Internet

Breaking Down the Internet Barriers

There didn’t use to be many barriers to communication online, the internet in it’s infancy was pretty much completely open.  Sure I remember a few passwords were required for certain BBS systems or perhaps when you logging in to an online library or something like that, but nothing much else. Nowadays there are many forces… Continue Reading Breaking Down the Internet Barriers

The Demise of the Letter

It’s looking pretty certain now to me, that the use of post and in particular letters are in their death throes. We all of course know the reasons, there are quicker, more available and simpler ways of communicating your thoughts to someone else.  But the availaibility is not the only reason, the fact is that… Continue Reading The Demise of the Letter

Modern Communication – Tweets, Pokes and Videos

Communication is changing, you’d be foolish to think otherwise.  The little local bubbles we used to exist in have been blown apart by the internet.  I am probably one of the first generation to know what so many of my classmates are doing, thirty years after leaving school.  They sit on Facebook wall popping updates… Continue Reading Modern Communication – Tweets, Pokes and Videos